Interview: Andrew Segura, Mr. May 2018

April showers brought us May hotness! Meet Mr. May, Andrew Segura from Lake Dillon Fire Department. Andrew is a returning alumnus from the 2016 calendar and is back for round two!

Andrew’s goal of becoming a firefighter was in honor of his veteran father who passed away before he became a firefighter. It has always been his main goal in life and has been for the past 12 years.

Andrew’s favorite part of being in the calendar is having a day to go and play with the survivors at the Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Camp, in Estes Park. “Yes, I love all the beautiful ladies that support us, but the kids are the reason I do what I do.”

How does Andrew keep in tip top shape? He eats right! Although he eats a lot less pizza than he’d like to however, sticking to a strict diet is his trick to keeping that well defined physique.

Heroes? Mr. May is inspired by every member of the armed services.

Andrew tried out for the calendar because he thought that this would be a great way for him to make a difference for burn survivors and their families. He also did it for a second time because of the camaraderie and amazing friendships that evolved with being the calendar!

“To those who are on the fence about buying a calendar, know that it helps the best part of our society, the children who survived fire. They are my heroes for the rest of my life.”

The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is a group effort and without the help and support of hundreds of great people it would not be possible.