Interview: Dale Phannenstiel and Danielle Mc Allen, Mr. and Ms. October 2017

Colorado Firefighter Calendar features two firefighters this month for Fire Safety Awareness Month. We would like you to get to know our featured firefighters for October 2017, Dale Phannenstiel and Danielle Mc Allen.

Dale has been a firefighter for eighteen years with the Denver Fire Department. He has wanted to be a firefighter or a police officer since he was young growing up in Denver, so he chose to be a firefighter since his father was a Denver Police Officer.

Dale’s favorite memory of his time with the Colorado Firefighter Calendar was at the tryout event for the 2017 calendar. At this time he got to be on stage with his friend that also did the calendar with him and motivated him to be part of the calendar family working towards a common goal of raising money for the Burn Center and Burn Camps Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

His hero is his father because he taught Dale many of the things he would need to know how to do as a man so that he would not have to rely on others to do or fix things for him. He mentioned that there wasn’t much that his father did not know how to do.

Dale’s most rewarding time in the fire service was removing a family of four trapped in their house during an early morning house fire, along with his successful CPR calls.


Now we introduce Danielle, who has been a firefighter for four years with the Wellington Fire Department. She became a firefighter to challenge herself, to serve her community and to be a role model for girls that are interested in becoming firefighters.

Her favorite memory of her time in the calendar was at Burn Camp where she met a nurse with one of the kids that was her patient. The nurse shared her experience treating the boy and going through the burn injury recovery process with him and his family. Danielle recalls how grateful both the boy and nurse were to be at Burn Camp together. Now the memory is forever in her heart.

Danielle states that her heroes are the kids we serve through the calendar and the kids she has as patients. These kids have been through the ultimate tests in life and wear the scars to prove their resilience. She loves to learn for each and every one of the kids.

She stays in great calendar shape by eating non-processed foods that are meant to nourish our bodies. She varies her 5-day a week workout routine between weight lifting, cardio, yoga and cycling.


Thank you to Dale and Danielle. We truly appreciate your efforts with your participation in the 2017 Colorado Firefighter Calendar!

The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is a group effort and without the help and support of hundreds of great people it would not be possible.