Interview: Rene Ordaz, Mr. November 2017

This month we feature Mr. November 2017. Rene Ordaz. Rene has been a firefighter for almost three years with Thornton Fire. He volunteered with Thornton for one year prior to being hired on as a career firefighter.

His journey as a firefighter began at the young age of sixteen when he volunteered for the fire department in the city that he grew up in. He had wonderful mentors at that fire department that kept him on track with training and education and then he put himself through EMT school and fire academy to get him started on his firefighting career path.

Rene’s favorite memory of being in the Colorado Firefighter Calendar was our appearance in the Denver St. Patrick’s Day parade. He enjoyed riding in the old fashioned fire truck and having the support of the crowd.

He states that staying in calendar and firefighting shape is a mindset. He consistently thinks that working out is as important as eating food and drinking water—you cannot survive without it.

Rene’s hero is his grandfather because he grew up with no parents and was very poor. He overcame many obstacles to retire from a great job, raise three kids and still works out nearly every day.

Rene is grateful for the amazing brotherhood of the fire department in pushing him to try out for the calendar!

The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is a group effort and without the help and support of hundreds of great people it would not be possible.