Interview: Theron Williams, Mr. January 2018

This month we feature Mr. January 2018, Theron Williams. Theron began his firefighting career at Adams County Fire Department (FKA North Washington Fire) in 2010 as a reserve firefighter and EMT for five years and in 2016 joined South Adams County, where he works currently.

Theron always wanted to be a firefighter, but that choice was solidified for him when he was in the 5th grade or so… A family member had a medical emergency and he was the only person home at the time. He called 9-1-1, the firefighters arrived, stabilized the family member, while calming him down in the process. This event left an everlasting impression on him. From there on he wanted to provide that same experience for someone else, plus being a firefighter is fun!

Theron’s favorite experience with being in the Calendar is participating in the all the fun events that supports an extremely great cause.

How does Theron keep in tip top shape? He works hard at not eating recklessly and exercises daily, two leg days, two upper body days, and one back day in a week, with cardio before or after weight training three days a week.

Theron tried out for the Calendar because he wanted to join two things that hold a place in his life… firefighting and Children’s Hospital Colorado. Plus, he is very shy and at times an introvert. The Calendar has given him the opportunity to be more social and experience things he may not have.

Theron is not only a volunteer firefighter for South Adams County, he is also a full-time employee at Children’s Hospital Colorado as the Public Safety Officer. Between the Hospital and the Calendar, Theron has a special bond between the two organizations. Theron states that the Hospital has been very accommodating with his schedule and activities for the Calendar as well as firefighting. There is a strong symbolic relationship between the two entities and he feels so blessed to be a part of both. Children’s Hospital Colorado is an incredible place to work. He sees both organizations having the same goal in mind, making a difference in children’s lives.

For the supporters of the Colorado Firefighter Calendar who have not bought a calendar and aren’t sure if they will, Theron would like to remind you that you will be getting the two for one deal. First deal, you have hot firefighters reminding you of all your important dates and events all year. And second, the Calendar supports the Burn Center and Burn Camps Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado, a great cause that changes the lives of kids forever.

The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is a group effort and without the help and support of hundreds of great people it would not be possible.