Interview with Andrew Dolan, 2016 Calendar Top Seller

Andrew Dolan with Longmont Fire heard about the Colorado Firefighter calendar, but wasn’t so sure he wanted to try out. Matt Horton, a colleague at the fire department, and the 2014 calendar cover showed him the CFC mission video and that’s when Andrew knew instantly he needed to do it. “I didn’t have a choice not to do it.” he said. Andrew grew up in Arvada and was first introduced to being a firefighter through the Aurora Fire Department’s Fire Explorer program when he was 19. After college, he was teaching kindergarten when he realized he wanted to make a bigger impact on people. He’s been a firefighter/EMT for 7 1/2 years in Longmont, CO, 12 years of total service.

Andrew sites his highlight of the year (experience in the calendar) as being at Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Camp on play day. “It’s where all of my hard work came to fruition. We got to interact with the kids in a positive way.” Andrew said. When CFC was introduced as Burn Camp “benefactors” that really turned the juice up for him. He got excited, motivated, and set a personal goal to raise $15,000. Andrew exceeded his goal.

After one of the CHC Juvenile Firesetter programs, Andrew was invited to Children’s Hospital Colorado to hand out stuffed animals to kids. He was introduced to a little girl with cancer. He went up to her brother who looked sad sitting on a bench. “What’s wrong?” Andrew asked the boy. “My sister’s really sick. I really wanted to get her a stuffed animal, but you don’t have anymore.” the boy said. Andrew went to the gift shop and purchased a bear for the girl. Upon presenting it to her, the little girl instantly hugged Andrew and melted into his arms. “It made the whole day worth while. It was an incredible moment for me and I wouldn’t have had that if it wasn’t for the calendar”.

“I love the calendar because it directly relates to our field with firefighters helping burn-injured children throughout Colorado. The calendar and what it benefits ties directly into what I’ve done for 12 years. My driving factor is Children’s Hospital. It wasn’t because of my looks. The reason I was successful is because I was passionate about the cause and worked very hard to raise funds.” Andrew says he feels lucky to have been in the calendar with his 2016 calendar mates and has made life-long friends with them. “The people that I met that worked the hardest were the board of directors. My fire family is now a much larger family. As a firefighter, I feel very fortunate that I was given the opportunity to do this. I consider myself very lucky to have attended events and to meet the people I met.”

Thanks Andrew for your time, dedication, service, and commitment to the Colorado Firefighter Calendar!

The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is a group effort and without the help and support of hundreds of great people it would not be possible.