Interview with Chief Hillmann, Mr. September 2017

The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is proud to introduce Mr. September 2017, John Hillmann. John is the Chief of Simla Fire and has been a firefighter for 14 years. He has not always wanted to be a firefighter—as a child, he wanted to be a jet pilot. He now works part time as a DJ and also manages large rural properties.

John’s favorite aspect of firefighting is helping others and the constant community service. He enjoys being around people and helping to the fullest extent.

His favorite memory of his time with CFC thus far, has been his time spent with the kids and counselors at summer Burn Camp at Cheley Colorado Camps. When asked this question, you could see the joy come over John’s face when speaking of his time at Burn Camp and how impactful it was to his overall experience in raising funds for the kids to be able to attend camp.

John was asked which one piece of firefighting equipment he would take with him to use for survival if stuck on a deserted island. He chose the pike pole, since it would serve as a multi-purpose tool to hunt, fish and gather coconuts from high up in the trees.

The one thing that John is proud of is getting healthy by losing over 108 pounds after learning of his severe food allergies. He said this helped immensely in his goal to tryout for the calendar and be a part of the CFC organization.

CFC is so grateful to have John Hillmann as part of the 2017 Colorado Firefighter Calendar since he has come out of the gates sprinting to raise the most money thus far from his own calendar sales. He is also full of life and personality and makes every calendar signing event turn into a party with high energy and high amounts of money raised for Children’s Hospital Burn Center and Burn Camps Program.

The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is a group effort and without the help and support of hundreds of great people it would not be possible.