Interview: Hayley Thompson, Ms. March 2017

Our featured firefighter for this month is Miss March, Hayley Thompson. Hayley holds down a full time job as a dental assistant and has been a volunteer firefighter for three years with Bennett Fire Protection.

Hayley has always wanted to help out in her community. She originally wanted to become an EMT and that took her on the path of joining the fire service. She thoroughly loves the path that brought her to being a firefighter.

Since becoming a firefighter, she wanted to be involved with the Children’s Hospital Colorado. She has fellow firefighter friends that were in past calendars, so she quickly fell in love with the organization and the mission of the CFC. She has seen firsthand that the Colorado Firefighter Calendar doesn’t just help families during their time of need, but also gives the families hope for the future and a community of people to lean on outside of the hospital environment during their journey to recovery.

Her favorite memory of CFC was her time at burn camp last Summer. She joyfully states that “hearing those kids’ stories is so inspiring!”

She says that diet (mainly) and exercise are key components of staying in shape for the calendar. She takes HITT classes and also eats A LOT of chicken and green veggies!

Hayley credits her mom as being her hero in her life. Hayley’s mom is her rock and her best friend.

Thank you, Hayley, for being so vigilant in your path to becoming a firefighter and for joining our organization to continue raising funds for the Children’s Hospital Burn Center and Burn Camp Programs!

The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is a group effort and without the help and support of hundreds of great people it would not be possible.